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Waters Corporation and Mantra Software Corporation Announce NuGenesis Archive for Millennium32
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    MILFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 24, 1999--

Automated Archival of Raw Analytical Data Now Available for Customers

of Waters' Millennium32 Software

Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT), a leading supplier of analytical instrumentation, software and consumables to scientists worldwide, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Mantra Software Corporation of Westborough, Mass., to develop and market a NuGenesis ARCHIVE(tm) software application for Waters Millennium(R)32 Chromatography Software. NuGenesis ARCHIVE technology allows laboratory professionals to reliably and easily capture, catalog and store raw data and associated methods within moments of its creation, or alteration, thus improving both workflow and compliance practices. NuGenesis ARCHIVE for Millennium32 customizes this completely automated archival tool for Waters' popular chromatographic software package. The product is expected to ship in 3Q 1999.

"We are pleased to welcome Mantra into our Software Partnership Program," says Patrick Martell, Director of Data Product Marketing at Waters. "In the coming months, new FDA regulations concerning electronic records and signatures will require the industry to create a uniform means of archiving, storing and retrieving raw analytical data. NuGenesis ARCHIVE extends the power of Millennium32 by giving our customers more options for archiving data within this regulatory environment while maximizing the availability of one of their most important assets - information."

Among the implementers of Waters(R) Millennium32 software is Bill Williams, Sr. Systems Consultant Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, East Hanover, NJ. Mr. Williams manages a large Millennium32 Client/Server network for the Quality Control Laboratories, and plans on using NuGenesis ARCHIVE for Millennium32 to automate the process of archiving and cataloging large amounts of laboratory data to long term storage media. "We needed a tool that could automatically enforce a rigid backup schedule yet be flexible with regard to data management functions such as on-line data removal. Even within a single department such as QC, individual lab groups may have different requirements for data archiving and restoration. This new archiving technology represents a significant process improvement for us by providing data management flexibility and compliance with the FDA Part 11 Regulation," says Williams.

"Our relationship with Waters signifies an important endorsement of our archiving technology," says Mantra Software CEO Michael McGuinness. "Waters' adoption of NuGenesis ARCHIVE technology adds complementary capability to their chromatographic software package and puts us on course to develop an automated process for long term storage and retrieval of mission-critical analytical data. In the pharmaceutical laboratory, the emergence of 21 CFR Part 11 will add new urgency to implementing an electronic data archiving strategy. Our completely automated solution with its convenience and consistency promises to come close to an 'off-the-shelf' solution."

About NuGenesis ARCHIVE For Millennium32

NuGenesis ARCHIVE for Millennium32 automatically scans the Millennium32 database and archives appropriate projects into a comprehensive database catalog based on set parameters. It next examines the contents of the project to extract context-sensitive key information (e.g., Project Name, Sample Name, Operator, etc.) that is used to build a small but comprehensive on-line database catalog of each project. Projects can be archived on an optical disc, Zip(R) or Jaz(R) drive, or CD-ROM. Once archived and catalogued, any project may be automatically removed from the system, in a fail-safe manner, at a time convenient to the lab manager. Archived projects can then be retrieved as necessary. For example, projects are archived by project name and sample name contexts, therefore these keys may be used to locate and restore the data.

NuGenesis ARCHIVE For Millennium32 is Y2K-compliant and is compatible with Millennium32 Version 3.05.01. It allows scientists with volumes of data files a "near-line" storage solution for this data other than back-up disks or tapes. By capturing key, context sensitive information from these files, data can be searched and restored faster.

About Waters Corporation

For over 40 years, the Waters name has been synonymous with superior quality, service and support, innovation, and leadership in HPLC. As the largest company in the industry devoted to HPLC, thermal analysis, and mass spectrometry, Waters had $619M in revenue in 1998. The company's products can be found in laboratories worldwide where ongoing characterization of chemical mixtures is an important step in the research, development, and manufacturing of new drug compounds, biologicals, polymers, foods and beverages. Waters introduced Millennium software in 1992. It has become the best-selling chromatography software with more than 30,000 installations. The company introduced its 32-bit Y2K-compliant successor, Millennium32, in 1998. Mantra Software is one of a growing number of solutions providers to enlist with the Waters Millennium Software Partnership Program. For more information about these and other Waters' products, visit

About Mantra Software Corporation

Mantra Software Corp., headquartered in Westborough, Mass., is a leading provider of Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS) for the fast-growing science-based industries. SDMS technology enables laboratory professionals to focus on the scientific enterprise by automating data management and retrieval, information-gathering and report development processes. Mantra's products provide scientists, from the bench to the enterprise, with unique capabilities such as real time raw data archiving, automated compound document creation, immediate online access to different types of laboratory information, accelerated electronic submission processes, improved document preparation and seamless integration of data with LIMS packages. More information about the companies products can be found at

About the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Electronic Signatures and Records Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 11 Regulation.

In 1997, the FDA enacted a new regulation permitting the FDA to accept electronic records, electronic signatures, and handwritten signatures executed to electronic records as generally equivalent to paper records and handwritten signatures as executed on paper. The regulations require that electronic records be secured and archived in a way that makes them readily retrievable. The use of electronic forms or record keeping and FDA submissions remains voluntary. More information can be found at

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