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Waters Corporation Announces Chromatography Breakthrough Launches New Instrument System at Pittcon 2004
CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 8, 2004--Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT - News) is introducing a next-generation liquid chromatograph at Pittcon 2004 in Chicago, Illinois, March 8 - 11 in booth #1454. Pittcon is the industry's largest annual conference and exposition on lab science. Waters ACQUITY Ultra Performance LC(TM) System is a first of its kind LC system designed to take full advantage of the potential of novel sub two-micron particles to give scientists chromatographic run times that are up to 9X shorter than today's fastest HPLC systems, up to 2X better peak capacity or resolution, 3X better routine sensitivity, and, generally speaking, more information from a single run than anything today's HPLC systems can provide.

The Waters ACQUITY UPLC System is for scientists - methods developers, researchers, mass spectrometrists, chromatographers - anyone seeking a productivity edge in the laboratory and eager to investigate and adopt technology that will become the standard of separation science in the not-too-distant future.

What sets the ACQUITY System apart is a new, patented 1.7 micron hybrid particle chemistry matched with instrumentation hardware and software that promises scientists significant benefits over today's HPLC systems equipped with standard five-micron particle chemistries.

The system has taken chromatography to such extraordinary performance levels that Waters has coined a new term for the category: Ultra Performance LC(TM), or UPLC(TM).

A System Built Around a Novel Chemistry

As with any HPLC, system, the heart of the ACQUITY UPLC System is the column. In order to realize the potential speed, sensitivity, and resolution of UPLC, Waters had to create a pressure-tolerant reversed-phase particle.

This advanced packing material is a new second-generation of patented hybrid particle, particles that are made with both inorganic (e.g. silica) and organic (e.g. organosiloxane) elements. These particles possess improved attributes for efficiency, ruggedness, and peak shape. UPLC separations can only occur if these novel particles are synthesized within a narrow particle size distribution. Waters has developed new sizing technologies that produce production-scale quantities of particles with an extremely tight particle size distribution.

The need for traceability is more important in the chromatographic laboratory than ever before. Each ACQUITY UPLC Column features an eCord(TM) that not only records the number of injections, observed back pressures and temperature of the column, but contains the column's unique Certificate of Analysis from its manufacturing and QC history.

Hardware and Software

Designing a system for sub-two micron particle operation was extremely challenging and drove Waters to look at all aspects of system design in a holistic manner. The challenge called for new thinking in many areas; new designs for solvent management, which when combined with new software algorithms are capable of a constant linear flow at elevated pressures; high-speed detectors capable of capturing fast separations; faster injection cycles to keep up with the instrument's higher throughput. All while optimizing the flow path of the system to reduce dispersion, and adding new communications technology that tracks and reports column usage. The result is a system that accentuates and combines chromatographic speed, sensitivity and resolution.

The Waters ACQUITY UPLC System consists of a binary solvent manager, sample manager, ACQUITY UPLC Column chemistry, column heater module and either tunable UV and/or photodiode array detectors. An optional sample organizer is available with a capacity for up to 21 microtitre plates or up to eight vial racks. The system is controlled by either Waters Empower(TM) or MassLynx(TM) chromatography/mass spectrometry software. A new graphical console designed for the ACQUITY UPLC System will provide control, status and advanced diagnostic information to the scientist.

The system is also Waters first to feature Waters Insight(TM) software. This allows scientists to remotely share information about system's operational history and ongoing performance so that predictive performance indicators can be used to direct proactive service, thereby driving up overall productivity and results confidence.

Waters intends to ship the first ACQUITY UPLC Systems in the second quarter of this year.

For more information on this new instrument, scientists are asked to visit or contact their nearest Waters sales office.

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