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Waters Expands Microscale Separations Science Portfolio

Extending the Practicality and Enhancing the Value of Microscale Liquid Chromatography, Better Enabling Scientists to Quantify Hard-to-Separate Analytes in Precious Samples

MILFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 17, 2016-- WatersCorporation (NYSE: WAT) is unveiling a new line of chromatographic fittings and a new microscale separations device at the 21stInternational Mass Spectrometry Conference. The new products enable research scientists doing nano-to-microscale liquid chromatography (LC) to achieve greater levels of productivity for peptide bioanalyses and for pharmacokinetic and endogenous peptide biomarker validation studies.

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Waters ionKey/MS microscale chromatography product portfolio now includes 150 micron i.d. and 300 mi ...

Waters ionKey/MS microscale chromatography product portfolio now includes 150 micron i.d. and 300 micron i.d. iKey tiles. (Photo: Business Wire)

High Throughput Microflow LC-MS – Delivering Greater Analytical Sensitivity in Three Minutes or Less

The Waters® 300-micron i.d. microfluidic device, the iKeyTM HT, is a new addition to the company’s ionKey/MSTM microscale chromatography product portfolio. The iKey HT device is a ceramic tile that is etched with a 300-micron i.d. channel packed with 1.7 or 1.8 micron UPLC® particles, which takes the place of a traditional capillary column. The larger i.d. microchannel etched into the new device allows scientists to run separations at higher flow rates as compared to the 150 micron i.d. tile, thereby shortening run times to three minutes or less which is comparable to the run time of a conventional LC separation performed on a 2.1 mm i.d. column.

In a new publication by Waters, the authors describe a study for which 1,000 injections of a crashed plasma sample containing six small molecule analytes were run on the same prototype BEH C18 iKey HT device (300 micron x 50 mm, 1.7 micron). The results showed a coefficient of variation (% CV) of less than 5%, at least a 2X gain in sensitivity over UPLC/UHPLC, and a cycle time of less than three minutes for each sample run.1

The Waters 300 µm I.D. X 50mm (L) iKey HT separation device will be available with the following separations media: BEH 130Å PsT C18, 1.7 micron, CSH 130Å PsT C18, 1.7 micron, and HSS T3 100Å, 1.8 micron.

IMSC 2016 attendees will get to hear more about Waters iKey HT product line at a breakfast seminar on Wednesday, August 24 from 7 – 8 a.m. in Waters hospitality suite #715 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The ionKey/MS system, introduced previously by Waters, and which features a 150 micron iKey, won a top innovation award from The Analytical Scientist magazine in 2014 and an R&D 100 Award in 2015.

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New ZenFit Tubing Kits and Finger-Tightened Fittings for Microscale Chromatography Feature

Good sample preparation is extremely important but never more so than for nano and micro-scale separations. Despite the best of intentions, connective tubing inside the UPLC system can clog and when it does, the remedy is to replace the clogged tubing. For those less experienced, overtightening of the connective fittings is common and can lead to breakage or crushing of the tubing. Waters new ZenFit™ Tubing Kits include finger-tight fittings featuring ZenFit Connection Technology. Now, with a twist of the wrist, replacing connective tubing has never been easier.

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1. High Throughput Microflow LC-MS: Sensitivity Gains on a Practical Timescale, White Paper, July 2016 Part # 720005765EN

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