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Waters Introduces Next Generation UPLC and HPLC Columns

ACQUITY CSH and XSelect Columns Redefine the Widest Range of Selectivity Choices and Performance Enabled by Charged Surface Hybrid Technology

MILFORD, Mass., June 21, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --Waters Corporation (NYSE: WAT) introduced new ACQUITY(R) UltraPerformance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC(R)) and HPLC columns that offer method development scientists additional selectivity choices and improved chromatographic performance for separations using acidic, low ionic strength mobile phases. The three new chemistries will be available in fully scalable UPLC, HPLC and preparative columns and particle sizes. Waters will begin column shipments on June 21, 2010.

The new ACQUITY CSH(TM) and XSelect(TM) HPLC columns feature proprietary, patent-pending Charged Surface Hybrid (CSH(TM)) technology - the CSH C18, CSH Fluoro-Phenyl and CSH Phenyl-Hexyl chemistries - for the widest range of selectivities ever offered by Waters. When compared to LC columns currently on the market, these new UPLC and HPLC columns offer sharper peak shapes for basic compounds, faster column re-equilibration after mobile-phase pH changes and significantly improved batch-to-batch reproducibility for ionized compounds in acidic mobile phases.

Waters(R) new ACQUITY CSH and XSelect HPLC columns are available in 1.7 (UPLC), 3.5 and 5 micron (HPLC) particles and are ideal for HPLC and UPLC methods developed on the new Waters ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System equipped with Fusion Method Development(TM) software from S-Matrix(R) Corporation.

"Much like the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class system, we worked closely with key customers during the design of these new UPLC and HPLC chemistries in order to produce column products that provide business and scientific benefits across the widest range of applications," said Doug McCabe, Senior Marketing Manager, Chemistry Commercial Operations, Waters Division.

"By leveraging our unique Charged Surface Hybrid technology, not only were we able to redefine the selectivity map for method developers but we were able to create three reproducible, scalable, high loading capacity chemistries specifically for scientists who are working with simple, LC/MS-friendly mobile phases. For method development scientists, these new UPLC and HPLC columns, together with the ACQUITY UPLC H-Class System and Fusion Method Development software offer separation scientists a powerful method development solution," he added.

The new CSH Technology-powered columns feature high-mass loading capacity for basic compounds and the ability to seamlessly scale separations between UPLC, analytical HPLC and preparative HPLC platforms. XSelect preparative HPLC columns utilize Waters patented Optimum Bed Density (OBD(TM)) column hardware (up to 50 mm internal diameter) for long, predictable preparative column lifetimes.

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