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Waters Joins Citrix Business Alliance; Bringing Server-Based Chromatography Data Management to Scientists

MILFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 9, 2001--Waters Corporation (NYSE:WAT) today announced it has become a premier level member of the Citrix Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTXS) Citrix Business Alliance(TM) (CBA). As a CBA member, Waters Corporation will work with Citrix to ensure compatibility of its Millennium(R)32 Chromatography Software with a server-based computing environment.

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly turning to Citrix technology as a way to eliminate software installation, configuration, and validation on client computers and extend their investment in computing hardware as application requirements increase. Under this scenario, software installation, configuration, and validation takes place only on the Citrix server that hosts the Millennium32 Software application. Once this process is complete, the new software is available to every Citrix client device. This dramatically reduces the cost and time required to roll out applications or implement new software.

"With mainstream adoption of the Citrix application server computing model, we've seen a corresponding growth in demand for Chromatography Data Systems that work seamlessly in this environment," said Garry Olah, director, corporate development programs for Citrix. "We are pleased to welcome Waters Corporation to the CBA program and look forward to working together on solutions that can provide added value in this marketplace."

With Waters award-winning Millennium32 Software, scientists can accomplish more in less time with the same staffing and resources. Millennium32 Software's powerful new features help scientists turn raw data into knowledge. The built-in Oracle(R) relational database organizes, stores and retrieves chromatography data quickly and easily. Enhanced 21 CFR Part 11 compliance capabilities take data integrity, advanced security, audit trails and reporting to an entirely new level. Millennium32 Software is scalable from single workstation to an enterprise and utilizes industry-standard technologies that ensure 24-hour availability of instrumentation. And the familiar Microsoft(R) Window(R)'s look and feel, combined with pre-made templates, customizable chromatography reports, online help and answer wizards all help to immediately increase scientific productivity.

About the Citrix Business Alliance

The Citrix Business Alliance (CBA) is a growing coalition of industry-leading companies from across the technology spectrum that is working with Citrix solutions to broaden the scope and effectiveness of server-based enterprise computing solutions. The program provides members with access to Citrix products for compatibility testing with Citrix MetaFrameTM application server software, new business opportunities with other Citrix solution providers, access to joint marketing programs and enhanced technical support. The firm's headquarters is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For more information about Citrix and its products, go to

About Waters Corporation

Waters Corporation is the world's largest provider of HPLC instrumentation, chromatography chemistries, results management software, and related support services. The company reported record revenues of $795M for 2000. Waters customers are scientists working in laboratories responsible for discovering new compounds, developing test methods and monitoring product quality, often within a regulated environment. The company's Millennium chromatography software, first introduced in 1990, has more that 30,000 copies in use worldwide. More information about Waters can be found at

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